Monday, August 30, 2010

Rambling Monday

Poor little blog. So lonely and boring. But man, have I been busy. Between work and hockey season writing gearing up and playing hockey and trying not to completely ignore Mr.C and stuff around the house, I don't have time to sit down and have the quiet time I'm used to.

I don't know if all only-children are like this, but I do love me some quiet, alone time. I start to feel frazzled and disconnected from myself if I don't get it. But then if I get too much of it, I drive myself crazy, so I guess there's a balance.

Anyway, went to the presser last week for the Aeros. Whoever decided to hold it at the Maple Leaf Pub was a freaking genius. Normally I'm all tense at these kinds of things, but I actually had a really good time. I don't know if it's because there were a few fans and booster club folks there to make it a little more festive (and not just PR people and serious reporters like myself ... haha)... anyway, I could make some guesses as to why the lighter mood but who knows.

Regardless, it was a good event and while I'd spent all summer feeling not very excited for hockey season, I am now. Part of that is a credit to Mike Yeo, who honestly surprised me with his... I dunno what. Likability? Not that I expected him to be a jerk or anything, but he was extremely open with us beat writers and quick witted, but is clearly has a lot of fire and intensity and drive.

I loved Kevin Constantine and I may have even gone into the presser with a little bit of judgment in my cold, dark heart. KC is all I've ever known as a hockey writer and I learned an awful lot from him and had a great deal of respect for him. So, for Yeo to have won me over and for me to have left the presser going, "Okay, now I see why people are so excited" is a real testament to the guy. I think he's a great follow up to what KC did here.

Now it's time to see what he can do and I'm eager to see that.

This is the first season where I'm really approaching the team with a reasonable amount of objectivity. My first year covering them, I was fresh out of the second row, screaming insults at the guy in the penalty box. The team had me by the heart.

Last year was just 100% Brusty Insanity. If he was up, I couldn't even be on press row. I had to be down in the corner, living or dying with every shot on goal. And when he was in Florida, I was judging whoever was in goal. And hating them. And hating everybody. And just generally being MsConduct CrankyPants.

But now my primary feeling about the Aeros is just, for the love of god, give me something interesting to write about. Cuz last year, I had nothing. When you took away the Brusty stuff, I had so little feeling about that team. I didn't understand them. I couldn't find their pulse. I'm not entirely sure that, as a team, they even had one. The players might not agree with that, but I think anybody watching from the stands would. Especially following up a season that was one heart attack after another.

Anyway, it's a clean slate for this team and Yeo made it VERY clear that he doesn't want any comparisons to previous years. Sir, yes sir. So gimme something fresh to write about and it won't happen.


On a personal note, I've been sievier than usual lately. I battled hard the last couple of games, but just didn't get it done like I wanted. I got a piece of nearly every puck that went in Saturday night, but they squeezed through somehow. More of a ricer than a sieve I guess.

It was still fun though. I really like this new crop of novice players. The game was as fast as I've ever seen novice and that was without the C league coach type guys playing. Also, I adore my defensemen. They talk to me, and not just when I've made a good save or let a stinker in. I have a dialogue with them and feel more like I'm on a team. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and definitely raises my compete level, but unfortunately, that isn't always enough. We still won, but I let too many in.

Anyway, drop in tonight, women's league tomorrow, just hired someone to paint the whole interior of our house, gotta sort out ice time for camp, and I've got a dozen other little things to deal with on top of work. Busy is good, right?

First, though, Egg McMuffin.

Okay, no, first Muppet Monday. Then Egg McMuffin.


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