Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pink Vomit Save

More women's league tonight. More sieve. It was better than the first game but nowhere as good as last week. Granted, the game was 75% in my end, so 4 goals isn't hideous, but HOW those goals were scored matters more to me than how many these days.

I've got this issue with my glove when I'm trying to cover the puck on the ice beside my left pad, there's a gap and the puck will just trickle on through for THE softest goal you could possibly imagine. Makes me want to catch on fire and turn into a pile of ashes right where I stand. Fuck.

But oh well. This team probably thinks they'd be better off playing 3 D instead of me since I've lost for them twice now, but the other two know I have some stuff because they saw me last week. (Only 3 teams in the league so the red team I played for tonight was off last week.)

My best save of the night was before the game even started. I don't like to be in the locker room any more than I have to be, so I get my lower half on and then go out and watch whoever's on the ice before us until the zam comes out, and then I finish my upper half.

Well, tonight there was a kiddy team (mites, squirts, bantam, midgets... how the fuck do people keep em straight? They all sound like 6 year olds.) before us on the ice. Coach had them skate laps at the end and some poor kiddo does a few laps and then heads over to the bench and barfs EVERYWHERE. Many times.
He'd had some red Gatorade, BTW. Yeah.

So I head back in the room and tell the girls about the Festival of Liquid WhateverThatKidHadForDinner that they're about to have to go stand in. They rush into action and stake their claim on the OTHER bench thanks to my intel. Snack on that, purple team.

So, even if I did nothing else right tonight, I kept my girls from having to tromp around in kid vomit for an hour. That might have been one of my best saves ever.

Also found a buyer for my "old" pads. She wears a 34 so they'll be perfect for her. Pretty happy to be able to find a good home for them. They're not bad pads. They just aren't my size. And the stuffing is falling out of hers, so she's in need.

Anyway, I've got a bye at women's league next week, so it will just be novice pracky on Saturday night and my dearly beloved Monday drop-in. I'd been thinking it kinda sucks for all my playing days to be in one chunk like it is (Saturday-Tuesday), but I realized, I'm pretty happy having a few days to rest up and get a mental break. If I were playing 3 days a week, every other day, I'd lose my mind. Or have to learn to play hungover. :)


eyebleaf  August 18, 2010 at 1:02 AM  

Enjoy reading about your exploits between the pipes. I know the feeling of wanting to catch on fire and turn into a pile of ashes. Probably too well.

Excellent intelligence re: the benches. Sounds bloody disgusting. Damn kids.

Ms. Conduct  August 18, 2010 at 1:14 AM  

I'm lucky I'm not a sympathetic barfer. I think I was the only one besides the kid himself who saw the whole thing. Then the mean-ass coaches skate over and are all, "Uh, are you okay?"

Yeah, he's doing great. Obviously.

Anonymous  August 18, 2010 at 12:08 PM  

at least you didnt point and laugh...i know i would have...and then would have looked like an ass..

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