Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Self-Indulgent Rambling Because Twitter is Down

I stunk tonight, but kind of expected to. It will take a bit to get back up to speed for that drop-in, as I'd really only just started playing that game well right before I got hurt.

I was sore from Sunday night and from my PT session in the morning, but no biggie. And then I fucking pulled my groin on the first save of the night. Lovely. That nagged all night but didn't really slow me down. Just kind of annoying.

Anyway, I'm kinda writing that one off for now. I'll pick it back up next month. In the meanwhile, the rest of this month I'll go to Scott TFCG's goalie clinic on Mondays since I'm not on the schedule to play. That should be good. It's fun to watch Scotty work with the kids. He's got a way about him. It's really cool and makes me really proud of him for how much he's accomplished with his passion for the position in such a short time. Thank god for Type A people or nothing would get done.

Of course, working with my lazy, bitchy, uncoachable ass, he's still great, but probably has less fun. :)

PT was good today and really, it's quite a bargain as I'm basically getting a personal trainer 2x a week for 6 weeks for $20 a session. She said my core is weak, my hamstrings and IT band are tight, and while my hips are very flexible, I'm likely giving up some strength in exchange for that.

Fixing these issues should help with my knee, balance, etc. So I'm excited to see what kinds of results we get. Oddly enough, my PT said she'd just seen another hockey goalie that morning. What are the odds of that in Houston, TX?? Crazy.

Anyway, I'm glad to have my hockey over with for the week. The itch is scratched and I can relax and sleep normal hours and have the odd Coke Zero without a panic attack. :)

Also, I'm super excited for tomorrow. Apart from taking Mr. C to the airport at 5:15 a.m., I have the house to myself for a couple of days. I used to ALWAYS have the house to myself, so it's been a big adjustment having him around all the time. Good in most ways, but I miss my "me time." So, tomorrow I have big plans for working, then heading for a massage from my friend and big time Aeros fan who is going through her massage school internship. (Boy do I need it! Get those magic fingers ready, girl!)

Then I'm coming home to take a work call, and THEN I'm watching the Jays game on the TV down in the Man Cave. Woooo!  Love when I get to pull it up on the big screen. I hope Brett Cecil is pitching, because he's quite good at that. Unlike the rest of them (okay, Marcum, you're good, too). Suck it, Padres!

So, I'm pretty jacked to do whatever the hell I want for a couple of days. Righteous. Life is good.


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