Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prospect Watch 2008: Tyler "Tiger" Cuma

NHL.com sez:

Tyler Cuma -- It had been four years since Minnesota took a defenseman in the first round, so Cuma instantly became the franchise's top prospect on the blue line when he was grabbed at No. 23 on June 20.

After winning Rookie of the Year honors in the OHL for his performance with Ottawa in 2006-07, Cuma was the only member of the 67s to finish with a plus rating in 2007-08. Minnesota loves his offensive ability, as Cuma is willing to rush the puck up ice and has tremendous vision.

"This is the ninth draft that the Minnesota Wild has had, and never before have I ever said I was surprised when the guy was there when he picked," Thompson admitted. "I was very surprised. We're just delighted we have him."
Ms. Conduct sez:
Okay, so I have never seen this kid play other than scouting video and such, which I find hard to tell anything from. So I have very little to add other than I'm pretty excited about this guy. He's got the whole package you look for. In-fucking-credible attitude and work ethic, great hockey sense, great speed, good size. Plus, his NHL idol is Phaneuf, which I love to hear. Can you imagine a Phaneuf-clone AND Burnzie on the blue line for Minnesota? Holy hell.

Since I have so little substance, here's some video:

Draft Montage from the NHL
He'll drop the mitts for his goalie (oh, you know that gets me, right?)
Wild Development Camp video
Scouting Video (this is my favorite... not all souped up like the other stuff, just real hockey)

Of course, being the kind of guy Cuma is, he wants to make the team this year. It seems highly unlikely, but I think camp will be a good experience for him to see what he needs to do next year to make it.

I wish he weren't too young to come to Houston, but he definitely is. Never hurts to have a guy around who is in relentless pursuit of being #1 at everything he does. But then knowing how these kids party down here, it might just be his undoing.


Life_As_A_Redhead  August 19, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

I'm thinkin this kids got real potential. He's got all the grit and determination you could want.

And that makes up for a LOT of shortcomings.

Aside from that. I love defence, it's the quickest way to my heart.

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