Friday, August 8, 2008

Further Aeros Schedule Analysis

Turns out the Aeros have 15 instances of 3 games in 3 days. Which sucks even in a vacuum (no pun intended). But then when you add up the 3-in-3s our main opponents are dealing with, it's clear that the boys in the Bombers done been screwed, and not in a good way.

Here's the 3-in-3 rundown for the teams we play the most (and therefore have the most difficult travel schedules... eastern conference teams have relatively easy travel in comparison):

Manitoba Moose - 5
Milwaukee Admirals - 7
San Antonio Rampage - 7
Chicago Wolves - 8
Peoria Rivermen - 8
Rockford IceHogs - 8
Iowa Chops - 10
Quad City Flames - 11
Houston Aeros - 15

Holy crap! Who'd we piss off?

Not to mention the fact that NONE of those 15 are all at home! Plus, the Aeros were notoriously lacking in pep after having more than 3 days in a row off last season. Hopefully the extra rest between ball busting weekends will work to our advantage this year rather than against us.


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