Monday, December 13, 2010

Fly, little birdie...

Two days shy of my two-year goalieversary, the email I knew would come eventually finally came:

"Someone wants to try goal. How would you feel about stepping away from novice league for a season?"

My answer wasn't exactly an emphatic YES!, but it was definitely Yes, with 100% willingness to sub when needed. And it might only be for one season, after which, I'll likely be glad to take the spot back if nobody else wants to try it. But really, I hope she loves it and wants to keep playing.

I've been wishy washy on novice league for a while. Playing on Saturday nights hasn't been good for me for a variety of reasons, but mainly I just like having Saturdays off. Plus with the Aeros season on and lots of Saturday games, I have to miss fairly often, which I always feel guilty about. So a big part of me is happy for the break.

But Willowbrook's Novice League is where it all began for me. The horrors of skating out for a season... my first game in goal... this crew has suffered through all my growing pains as a goalie. It has rarely been smooth or pretty as I've learned to be a good sport (most of the time, now, anyway) and learned the position.

And I really do like the bunch of guys I've been playing with there lately, so I know my replacement is in good hands. They've been very good to me, have a great attitude (just work hard and have fun but don't take it too seriously) and I know they'll do the same for her.

So, apart from subbing, it's Monday drop-ins and Tuesday women's league for a while, unless something else crops up. Which is fine, because it looks like WL has 4 teams this season, which I hope means I'll be playing double headers on Tuesdays. I'm not exactly sure how that works yet since I only played one season and they only had 3 teams.

The internet lied to me on this. Only 3 teams BUT I get my very own team (except when I have to sub for another team). This is pretty cool. :D

Anyway, in spite of the nostalgic streak, I'm happy with how things are going. I've got plans I'm working on but, if you can believe it, I'm actually keeping a few things to myself. I hope I can stay the course and that the year brings good things between the pipes as a result. #AirofMystery


maalivahti  December 20, 2010 at 7:18 PM  

And you yelled at me for being a tease about the C team that one time. WTF girl, out with it.

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