Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scheduled and done

Sooo, my lunchtime skate was scheduled for Tuesday and I bailed due to obligations at work and home that would have kept me from enjoying and focusing on the session. BUT, I moved it forward to today and I went and I did it. Kinda proud of myself for getting out the door. That is ALWAYS the hardest part.

Anyway, it was a very good skate, in spite of the rink having about 30 teenagers clinging like grim death to the railing the whole time. Or if not doing that, they were skating in groups of two or three holding hands. Because nothing is funner than falling and bringing all your friends down with you. Wee!

But they were well behaved and/or terrified so it wasn't to bad. Nothing like having little kids out there or kids of any age who skate well, because then they're usually rude and zipping around unpredictably. If there anything I'd ask at a public skate, it's to be as predictable as possible if you're in a crowd. But I don't ask. I just skate.

I only skated for 30 minutes, but was working on something specific at all times. It was a hodge podge of swizzles (full, single, and dual), stopping (not as much as I would have liked), backwards swizzles (getting better but still threatening to make me fall on my ass if I don't watch my balance carefully), balance work (skating on a single blade for as long as I can), and a pretty good bit of just power striding, trying to really focus on keeping my knees bent and get a good push off both skates in the stride. I really worked up a sweat doing a few fast laps of those. Man, that's fun stuff.

Anyway, it's a session I feel pretty good about. Focused and energetic and a great workout and confidence-building.

Coach Stalin is on vacation through the end of the week, so I need to figure out my agenda in lieu of a lesson on Saturday. I might skate at lunch again on Friday and then go to spinning on Saturday morning. Need to fit some yoga into my Thursday. I'm overdue for stretching some kinks out, though I wonder how downward dog is gonna feel with my wrist still feeling ouchy from my fall two Saturdays ago. We'll see.

Aeros game in 1 hour. Still don't know if Brusty is still suspended. WTH is the league's problem taking 4 days to watch a simple video clip (that I've personally watched several times at this point) and decide 1 game was sufficient? Grr.

UPDATE: Damn. That must have been a really good workout. I am SORE!

Aeros win! Woohoo! Go boys! Shut out for Brusty!


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