Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Skate

Got her done. Worked on stopping quite a bit more than anything else. Backwards just wasn't happening for me today. Had stuff on my mind a bit and just wasn't all there. Did a good bit of power striding.

What was fun to watch was another girl learning the same stuff Coach Stalin has been teaching me. Obviously a student of Andrea's who was teaching her. She was learning swizzles and I wanted to stop and say, "I know it really sucks right now, but eventually swizzles will be the thing you LIKE to do because it's easier than everything else!"

There was a fella there in goalie skates so we chatted for a bit. He's probably in his 40s and is picking hockey back up, even though he started skating when he was 4. He was doing stuff in goalie skates that I didn't know could be done in goalie skates. You rarely see someone skating in them without the full set of pads on.

Anyway, looking forward to Coach coming home from vacation. As much as I enjoy the hell out of skating, it's tough to kill off the hour or hour and a half that seems to fly by when we're skating together. It helps to get direction and feedback as I'm going.

Mentally, I know how to stop, but somehow, my body just won't do it. I think I need to work on my dumb leg off-ice. I can barely make snow with it. It would be good to work on both sides. At the very least, it will make stopping on the smart leg seem easier.

Could totally go for a nap.


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