Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Playoffs Upon Us

Avs fans should be breathing a little easier and maybe feeling not quite so much the underdog after hearing the news that one of our veteran defensemen is down for a the series after having his appendix sliced out Monday evening. This on top of K. Foster going down with a broken femur. *sigh* Tough times on the Wild blueline.

Anyway, game one is tomorrow night in Minny. I'm a bit on edge about it.

Aeros play tomorrow, too. Chucko's team. Hosers. Would be nice to get those two points before we head into the final 3 games with Milwaukee.

Bigger than all that, though, is the decision I have to make:

Rangers or Devils.

Of course, Coach Stalin is a huge Rangers fan, so I've watched them more than any other eastern team. My dirty little secret is that I really kinda like Sean Avery. (See. Told you it was dirty.) I just kinda love to hate him and hate to love him. I love when he riles people up and I love when they get their revenge.

Also, Coach is trying to persuade me to her side by alerting me to the pretty boys on the team who might inspire some puck bunny-esque loyalty.

Dan Girardi? Not bad. Not bad at all.

But the problem is, I'm just in awe of Marty Brodeur. And almost always, a goalie I like is enough to sway me to support a team.

Even better is that Avery and Brodeur have a hot little rivalry. Wouldn't a goalie fight be grand?

We'll see. I'm still leaning Devilish, but sometimes the game has to be on and the spontaneous cheers have to erupt from my mouth before I really know where my heart is.


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