Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sievery, Harding, Overbay

Awesome game by my team tonight, but I didn't play so hot. I'm assuming it's uncool to go hug your d-men mid-game, so I didn't do it, but I wanted to. But I saw so few shots, by the time they remembered it's novice league in the third period and let up on the other team, I was already off in la-la land mentally. I KNEW I was unfocused and I was talking to myself, telling myself to get focused, but it didn't work to the tune of 3 goals in the third period.

Yet again my unwillingness to scramble bit me in the ass. Fuck me, that's frustrating. I don't know how to explain it. I WANT to do it, but ... augh! Dammit. I just don't.


Anyway, interesting changes in the state of Wild and Aeros goaltending this weekend, huh? Harding goes down decisively in the pre-season game last night after a Brad Boyes falls on his butterflied knee.

I saw the injury and called an MCL tear, but wasn't surprised there was more to it with the ACL tear, too.

Here were my reactions in the order I had them. Don't judge me.

  • THIS year you do this? Gimping around on that bum hip all last year, keeping Brusty in Florida and making me annoyed, but no, now that he's gone, you go and assplode yourself? Goddamnit. *pounding fists on floor*
  • Ouch. Shit. Shit. Poor guy. My measley MCL strain was months of pain. I can't even imagine what tearing two knee ligaments must feel like. Jesus. Plus coming back from months of rehab from his hip surgery. Just sick for the guy. Awful.
  • OMG Anton!! Very excited for him to have this opportunity. Maybe that sounds callous, but that's how it happens sometimes. Critical injury and a spot opens up and some really patient kid gets his chance to prove he belongs in the show. Though tonight, Russo is saying the team isn't committing to Anton as the #2. Hmm. Hi, Theodore!
  • Crap, now it's just Hackett and Tordjman in Houston. Nothing wrong with either of them, but I'd spent all summer trying to convince myself that Anton's goaltending style was entertaining enough to fill some of the hole in my heart left by Brusty. So much for that. I was mighty impressed by Hackett against the Blues last night though and I think him having a larger role and more starts in Houston will be okay. He's a good goalie. 
Aaaanyway, goalies. You can beat 'em for fun but you can't beat 'em for drama, can you?


I love Lyle Overbay. Unabashedly. I'm hoping I can get an Overbay shirt on the cheap after the stupid Blue Jays don't re-sign him and put some poo-flinging monkey on first base and break my heart.


artandhockey  September 26, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

"Dancing" around per Russo .. on the Anton issue.. must be someone is in THE hot spot. I do think Theodore over the MANnino!
Wishing Kaasian gets a shot at NOW rather than later. And how about that happy camper Ironman Noreau.. getting to show off AT HOME!
Now that I've gooten that out.
Sorry about your bad night/evening! Must have been a bad "ice day" - your mind may have been too much on goalies ;-). Better next game, much better!

sportshurtmore  September 26, 2010 at 1:38 PM  

Oh, gods, I remember distinctly when Boucher went down in the playoffs in a similar situation. I was making so many faces at the TV it wasn't funny, mostly in sympathy (I did the thing in HS track where you're throwing shot and your foot catches on the toe board and everything below the knee stops and the rest of you keeps going. How I do not miss that knee immobilizer). Had a similar moment when Miskovic went down in Caps D-Camp this summer, too. You never realize what's going to squick you until you're sitting there hiding your face in the sleeve of your sweater b/c man, you know what that feels like.

Sympathies on the rough night on the ice - a good defense is great, except for the part where you fall right out of the zone b/c you're so far out of the plays. Hopefully it'll bounce back to a happy medium soon enough, eh?

Ms. Conduct  September 26, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

Eh, it's no big deal at the moment. We're winning so nobody's getting too upset with me. :)

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