Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Like being in college again

Pulling an all-nighter for work after getting home from hockey at midnight tonight. Made myself a double mocha in the ol' coffee machine (how is it that I pass a 24-hour Shipley's Donuts but not a 24-hour Starbucks on my way home?) and have been grinding away at it for the last 4 hours.

Not fun, but must be done. Sad thing is, it must be done because I'm maxed out on vacation and I need to Wednesday and Thursday off or I'll lose it. Not much of a vacation day if I have to spend it half or completely asleep.

I should get a boost from heading down to SLICE to check out Aeros training camp for a little while. Looking forward to that, though I always get a headache from it squinting to see who the guys are based on their helmet numbers. Maybe I'll just watch the goalies, eh?


Game was good tonight. Played for the purple team, those hard-battling gals. Love them. Didn't see many shots and stopped all but two. One I actually DIVED for like I'm supposed to, but after about 3 tries, they finally got it in. Disappointing, but I was proud of myself for going after it like a crazed somethingorother.

What was funny is that I somehow missed the GWG going in and thought we were tied when the game ended. Then my team skates over to me for fist bumps and I'm like, "What, no shootout?" And they're like, "We WON!" Haha, oops. In my defense, my back was to the scoreboard. But how do I miss a goal? I'm not very good at numbers.


I follow a kid on Twitter who has a tryout with Elmira, where Brusty's probably going to spend some time since the Senators are apeshit for wunderkind Robin Lehner. Anyway, Elmira and Bingo camps start today and Bingo finally has a beat writer, so that's good. Gimme newwwwwws. Though I do not understand this business of the B-Sens holding camp in Newfoundland. I think it's because the circus is in town or something in Bingo, but still. There's not a local rink they can use? Weird.

Anyway, in my early morning haven't slept in nearly 24 hours punchiness,  I have that old Oak Ridge Boys song, "My Heart's on Fire for Elvira" in my head, except it's Elmira. I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen a lot this season and it may be the thing that finally drives me over the edge. For what's left of my sanity's sake, here's hoping B-money is in Bingo a lot. Giddy up, oom poppa-omm poppa, mow-mow


Tomorrow is a spa day for my gear. At least 3 teammates walked in the room tonight and went, "Eww, what stinks?" I figured I should just fess up and claim responsibility because it was all me. My bag is unbearably smelly right now. It honestly smells like something died in my car right now, even with an air freshener going that supposed to unfunk a 400 sq ft room. Gnarly!

I think my gloves are the biggest culprits, but also hardest to de-funk. I've got Oxyclean, a steamer, and time at my disposal so I'll do my best. I know I won't make them WORSE, so I have that going for me.

Okay, time to finish this damn work so I can have some fun, where fun = writing my "OOoooh, it's a new season!" article for PHN.


wychwood  September 29, 2010 at 5:32 AM  

On the other hand, every time you mention Bingo I start singing this, which I'm pretty sure is more annoying:


I love reading your player posts; it makes me wish there was an ice rink anywhere near me...

sportshurtmore  September 30, 2010 at 9:37 AM  

Serious sympathies on the accrued leave issue. It's all well and good that there's vacation to burn, but it's not like the workload for those mandatory off-days magically vanishes when you go off the clock. I'm an independent sub-contractor, so I'm not dealing in vacation/leave time at the moment, but I have plenty of experience with it from back when I worked switchboard at a midwestern hospital (although I tended to have the opposite problem - "What do you mean, I'm sure someone told you that you were working Christmas this year!" "Um, no?" "Oh, well, you're working a 13 hour shift on Christmas.")

WRT the gear - sometimes, there's a comfort in knowing that you can't make a situation *worse*. I've smelled some truly ripe athletic gear in my time (Months as laundress for the wrestling team after busting up my shoulder - I saw (and smelled, and handled) shorts that could literally be stood on end), and I'll admit that it's one of the things I'm least looking forward to once I get into regular playing situations. My skates get bad enough when I'm logging 3-4 sessions a week...

& Wychwood, I fully contend that my capitalization has improved in the last 5 years. Just to co-opt Ms. C's comments for my own usage for a moment.

~ Marienne

Nick in New York  October 1, 2010 at 9:10 AM  

sheesh. A headline like that, and I was all breathless with anticipation of a "sex, sex and more sex, plus a couple joints and a hit or four on the beer funnel" post!

I'll be interested to hear how the gear spa works out.

PS: I'm going to be in Bingo this weekend. I'll keep and eye out for signs of Brusty for ya!

Ms. Conduct  October 1, 2010 at 9:26 AM  

Christ Nick, what the hell kinda oversexed hippie college did you go to? :) I was so square in college. Still am but only because I'm smarter now, not because I'm a chicken. At least that's my story...

Gear spa went well. My chesty, pants, and jock are all sitting in the hall by the laundry room and by our bedroom and Mr. C didn't say a word about it. Normally he's like a hound dog and smells (and complains about) everything.

Glove and blocker aren't bad, but can't go in the Sanitize wash cycle, so somewhat less successful. Soaking the blocker palm in a sink with about 3 inches of water and a scoop of oxyclean really seemed to help though. The glove got a hot water rinse and then steamed with my little steamer. Still need to wash the bag...

Ms. Conduct  October 1, 2010 at 9:36 AM  

Oh, and Bingo camp is in Newfoundland, so you won't see him around. I don't think he's even been to Bingo yet. But if you're there again and the boys are in town, I'll be extreeeemely jealous.

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