Thursday, July 22, 2010

Minnesota Day 1

Okay, I know I said my next post would be on the Wild's baby goalies, but I'll get to it. For now, I figure I should write a bit about my little visit here to Minnesota.

Yesterday, I got into town and discovered that the 25 cents for the sissy luggage cart is money well spent when you're carrying 50 lbs of goalie gear, a rolly bag, and a computer bag from the gate to the car rental place here in MSP.

There was a train, 3 escalators, and a LONG walk to get there. I actually lost my rolly bag and laptop at the top of one of the escalators, but some guy was nice and carried it down for me. Thank you, guy.

Then I went shopping for goalie gear. Amazing to get to touch things in person, but shopping for pads is just as mysterious in person as online. And honestly, the more I play and think about what I really need, pads are dropping down the list. I think mine have finally started to shrink down to the right size and I'm actually landing on the knee stack more than I'm not. They're still not perfect but they get the job done.

I actually ended up buying a c/a, which is one of those things you just have to try on. And I tried on a BUNCH and most of them, I wanted to rip off and set on fire, they were so uncomfortable. I found that I REALLY liked the Vaughn Epic 8800, but it's over $400 and that's just not happening. So if I could find a 8600, I'd jump on it, but most places are out of them.

So, I settled on a Bauer Performance, but overpaid for it at Hockey Giant. It kinda pisses me off that they don't honor their online prices at the store. I mean, I didn't ask them to, but those should sync up, right? Annoying. But that's getting returned today.

And instead, I'm on the hunt for skates. I don't know what it is but lately my skates are absolutely killing me within 15 minutes of putting them on. Just crushing my forefoot. From what I'm reading, Nike Bauers are the most narrow, even in wide widths, so I'm hoping between changing brands and getting a pair that's heat moldable, I can find some that will get me a couple of hours of comfortable skating.

Annnnyway, enough about that stuff.

My first day in Minnesota ended with me locking my rental car keys in the trunk and having to call my insurance's roadside assistance to help me. Better yet was that I locked them in the trunk while I was getting ready to go pick up my dinner I'd ordered. So I had to call them and say, "Um, I'll be there in, like, an hour and half." Ugh. But big props to Olive Garden, they remade my pasta for me when I got there so I had fresh noodles to eat.

That was a long day, but things started looking up on Day 2.


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