Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ignoring that the 8 y.o. girl keeps beating me blocker side...

One thing I've noticed about kids that freaks me out about them, but also endears me to them, is that they hug people kind of randomly. I've had little kids I barely know (and if they only knew how much I don't like little kids, they'd run the other way) just come up and wrap their skinny little arms around me. It's weird, but it does make my ovaries stand at attention.

Of course, at the first whine or sticky fingers or interrupted adult conversation, the old gal's ovaries go back to their "I Love My IUD" ways.

But tonight after goalie clinic, I felt like one of those little kids, and I just wanted to skate over to Scotty TFCG and give him one of those hugs. Just random and unabashed. Because goalie clinic tonight was that great and fun and helpful. And he works really hard to make it that way and since I'm the goalie-age equivalent of an 8 year old, having an 8 year old reaction seems appropriate.

Being 35, however, I'll just come home and write about it and he'll read it and consider himself hugged. Got that, Scotty?

It was great though, partly because I didn't have PT today to wear my ass out. Seriously, I leave that PT clinic sweating like I've just played a game. That woman works my can off, and I'm seeing the results creep in a little more all the time. It's magical. But to do that AND goalie clinic on Mondays is tough. Last week I was really fatigued, but tonight my legs were strong and steady and did what I wanted them to do, which is a really nice feeling.

I even forgot my knee brace at home and other than my first "get-up" off the ice, there was very little pain. And even when I got home, after sitting in the car for 30 minutes, it wasn't too stiff.

But also, I think the balance of work was good. The warm-up got me moving but didn't wear me out so I had plenty in the tank to devote to working on the drills. And the drills were all beneficial, even fun. The tip-in drill wasn't fun because I sucked at it, but since there was actual carpentry involved, I'm betting we see that one lots more. I hope so because, like I said, I sucked at it. My goalie brain just can't seem to believe the puck is going to change trajectory even though it's quite clear that it's going to. It's a weird little mindfuck.

Then we did a drill with a big tarp hanging off a pipe structure at the hash marks screening us and shooters were shooting either under it or coming around it. I found the most value in the shots coming under it because slow reaction times eat my lunch, and this forced me to not react until I had it in sight, at which point I had to react instantly. Also forced me to keep my stick on the ice.

To tell you how good clinic was, the first time I looked up at the clock, it was 8:55 (we finish at 9)! Normally there's 15 or 20 mins left about the time I start watching the clock and feeling like grim death.

And if a great clinic wasn't good enough, one of the girls I play against on Mondays told me they're having trouble getting goalies for the women's league at another rink and that they'd appreciate the help if I'm interested. Um, heck yeah! Never played with all chicks before, so that should be fun. I've heard it can be catty, but honestly, for free ice time, I'm happy to play the aloof goalie card.

But that was it for my week of hockey until Saturday, and then it's full bore for 2 weeks until the Monday after camp (which I'm super excited about, if only for the "not sitting at my work laptop for a week" factor). I'm way overdue for a week off of work, even if I do have to go alone and have pucks shot at me to get it. Hopefully we'll get our playing schedule this week so I can make plans with my Mini Soda peeps.


I'm feeling philosophical now that I have the timely stuff off my chest. This goaltending journey... sometimes I wonder where it's taking me, because I really do feel like it's taking me somewhere. I've had too many forces pushing me along, helping me out, encouraging me, giving me what I need when I need it.

I really believe the universe takes us where we need to go if we'll just shut up and let it. But where is this going? Maybe I'm being silly and it's just a nice way to burn some calories and feel young and mischievous still, but for a completely nonathletic person who only played one day of softball in 6th grade because she hated the balls flying at her... for someone who hates to sweat, has a low pain tolerance, and thinks too much... well, it just seems incredibly weird that being a hockey goalie is what my life is about now.

Nothing changes from this musing... I'll continue to just take the opportunities laid in front of me and listen to the stirrings of my heart and mind, but sometimes I wonder what's really going on here. Will I look back in a few years and understand? I certainly look back on my marathon training like that. The lessons learned and perseverance gained in that year certainly gave me the courage to try hockey.

But this is much MUCH harder than I ever anticipated. And much more rewarding.

What am I doing if I don't follow this up with some potty mouth gangsta rap? I just love the title. I'm so white.


Sunshine36616  July 6, 2010 at 8:07 AM  

I worked at a kid's science museum for three years and it was funny how the random ones would just run up and hug you. I feel you on the "I love my IUD." I just spent almost 3 weeks with my 9 year old niece and I'm about ready to tear out my ovaries with my own hands.

Anonymous  July 7, 2010 at 6:32 PM  

try coming home after being gone for 8 days, and the coffee table is missing. Asking the daughter gets you this answer: "we were playing beer pong and we didnt want to break it" WTF...sigh...
and thats just ONE of the EIGHT we have...FML...


maalivahti  July 10, 2010 at 11:25 PM  

oh and moose.... at least she moved it because she didn't want to break it! at least it wasn't gone because it WAS broken! ;)

maalivahti  July 10, 2010 at 11:25 PM  

Treat the journey like goaltending itself: don't think about it, just enjoy it. Wherever it takes you, it takes you. (For what it's worth I've had those same kinds of thoughts. It's sort of exciting to wonder where it will lead.)

Great on the invite to the womens league. Don't let any preconceived notions get in your way (especially if they were caused by my worries/complaints!). Isn't having the "aloof goalie card" in your pocket awesome though? heehee

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