Saturday, July 17, 2010

Can you make yourself pregnant with your own sexy glove save?

Weird night in goal for me:

Started the evening having to give myself a pep talk to not look past this game to camp next week; that I need to be in the now for my team. But when I got out on the ice, I felt weird. My skates hurt, my balance felt awful, my hands hurt. I dunno, just felt crummy.

It was probably 8 minutes in before I even saw a shot and the first two were from my defensemen from whom the puck just got away from them a little. Couple of panic saves later and then one fluke goal in my net and I was settled in and feeling fine.

I stopped everything else for the next two periods, plus 5 minutes of the 25-minute third period. The other goalie was a guy who usually skates out but very kindly strapped on the pads so that we'd have two humans in goal. He didn't seem to be relishing the position, but he had some really nice stops once he got a little more comfortable. Also, he's one of the better players on the other team, so it was nice to have him NOT shooting on me. :)

Anyway, he was kinda getting lit up at the top of the third period and the other team isn't as strong as my team, so they had us switch ends. I didn't mind because I was kinda bored in my end and wanted to see how I could do against my team.

Did well against them and the red team really stepped up in front of me and did a good job clearing rebounds. I did let in one that I just didn't react to the puck's movement in my depth and I ended up being too deep for the shot. Nice shot though.

The highlight, without question, was a beautiful glove save that I'll be replaying in my mind for at least 48 hours. It was just one of those brainless, body-takes-over perfect reactions. Shot from the block side circle that I tracked right into my glove. I was bugging my defensemen when we were setting up for the face-off: "How sexy was THAT!?!" Haha. They're new guys so they probably aren't familiar yet with how shitty my glove hand is, but they humored me.

Have to say, I like the new folks at novice a lot. They seem to be learning and having a good time in the spirit of things, so that's nice.

Anyway, that's it. Next time I gear up, I'll be doing 3 hours of drills at camp on Wednesday. But before that? The SHOPPING. Auuuughhhhh. That's gonna rock so hard. I almost feel like I should warn them I'm coming. Just have a salesman ready. I'll be the one with wide eyes who's giggling and clapping a lot. I'm really excited for camp. Nice to go up there with my confidence high.

Of course, I'll be blogging, but I'll also get to meet lots of my Minnesotan Wild fans I've gotten to know via Russo's blog and whatnot, so I'm excited for that, too. Plus, I'm really happy just to be on vacation. And have daily maid service. ;)


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