Friday, May 6, 2011

A little update on a quiet blog

Been ages since I wrote here, as I've been having a tough time in goalieland and just got sick of hearing myself whine about it.

Also, the Aeros are at home all week, and we're house hunting (close to making an offer, I think) which is unbelievably all-consuming. I haven't even had time to get a pedicure! <---- If I read that from someone else, I'd be like, "Ugh, you're a brat." But seriously, a woman with glossy toenails can accomplish anything. #truefacts

I'll have more next week since I have clinic and the women's league championship on Monday and Tuesday, and I've got a post I started and I think it's going to work out and be decent. We'll see. It's a letter to skaters with some things I wish they understood about goalies. I'm thinking I should add drawings in case the writing sucks, so I dunno when I'll have time for that.

Cheers to the dream staying alive. Go Aeros, Go B-Sens!



Nick  May 9, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

Good luck with your house hunting and championship! I'll expect your letter to skaters to be a long one. ;-)

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