Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's just pretend today didn't happen

Some days you just can't wait to say goodbye to and today is one of them. I spent all day stressed about crap, fighting with Mr.C, the bitter chemistry of PMS churning in my cold, dark heart and making me want to punch kittens in the face.

And then I was late to hockey. Didn't even have my skates tied when the zamboni started running. Normally my pads are on and I'm chillin' by the time the zam runs. So, I was sweating and frantic and my skates weren't tight enough.

And THEN I get on the ice and do one c-cut and go, "OW!" Sharp pain in my left quad, the one that also hurts when I walk down stairs. I hobble around and try to figure out what else makes it hurt...

C-cuts and being in my stance both send such a sharp pain in my quad, it takes my breath away.

No big deal.

So I skate over to our coach and tell him I'm gonna try and hang in there, but if I feel like it's getting worse, I'm Audi 5000. I also told a few of my key D-men that I'm in a bad way so I'm gonna be stinking, and they need to bring the hurt.

They played hard but I was not to be helped. I let 'em in all night to the tune of 11 goals, in spite of a few "even a blind squirrel finds a nut" good saves. And the other goalie played very well. He plays almost a pure stand up style but he's got a good glove and my team can generally lift the puck so he snags 'em.

Anyway, I was straight up awful, but I had fun and don't feel too badly about it. At some point, I quit being frustrated, just adapted the best I could, and decided I'm having fun regardless. Life's too short for any other attitude.

Now, I AM worried about Monday night. I've been struggling in that game lately and was looking to keep on an upward trajectory after playing fairly well there last week. But even something simple like hugging the post hurts since that's exactly the amount of leg bend that hurts. Higher is fine, lower is fine but that amount of "squat".... FMD, that hurts.

Anyway, my silly novice games don't matter, but I'm sure Brusty was looking for a great game tonight. He got it in the first period where he was heroic in the face of a shelling reminiscent of Florida last season. But it turned into a shit show in the second.

I didn't see any of the game, just followed the beat writer's tweets, but apparently the team cratered defensively, got in the quicksand, and really needed the intermission to get it together. Coach said it wasn't on him, and the captain fell on the sword on behalf of the team, but still.... not much makes that feel better.

Except beer. Which I'mma go have right now while I give the ol' middle finger to this poorly behaved Saturday. You're supposed to be fun, Saturday. Do better next time.


artandhockey  October 10, 2010 at 10:24 AM  

Oh, my heart goes out to you.. I feel the pain.. I sure do know what it means to ache! Zingoni-ZINGONI- injured ALREADY? REapeat of last season?
But on the bright side AEROS did win again, 6-1 with Klaus 2, Broad 2, Gillies and DiSalvatore 1 each, and Wundergoalie , well was wunderbar! May your Sunday be better.

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