Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So much tragedy has befallen the hockey community this summer, it's nearly impossible to believe. I know I haven't written about it here because so many other people have written more and better about these things than I can.

Especially when it's been individuals. I haven't known any of them personally, so while the losses are heartbreaking, what can I really say that hasn't been said? I cried many times over Boogie. I didn't know him, but I know and care about so many who did. He was such a fun part of my journey to becoming a Wild fan.

But the plane crash today is different. The scale of the tragedy is truly epic in the sporting world. Team planes just don't fall out of the sky like this. Imagine your favorite team, who once filled a locker room with chirps and laughter, filled the ice with intensity and passion. Gone. In an instant. The whole team. It's nearly inconceivable.

I will admit, my first clear thought when I discovered the news and processed it for a few seconds was, "Thank GOD Brusty didn't go to Russia." In fact, it might have been one of only a few clear thoughts I've had on the accident all day.

The other being Russo's comment about how hard this summer has been for Gaborik. Losing two of his best friends so young. Poor guy. My heart aches for him.

Logically, my heart aches for everyone who knew these men, of course, but that's too much heartache to bear. I can't even imagine it. So I pick my spots, I guess. The other people I think about are the team staffers who weren't on the trip. Who knew each man, both player and coach and staff, on that plane. Can you imagine being one of the ones left behind? The thought is absolutely gutting.

But if we hadn't been reminded enough this summer to LIVE, this ought to do it. Enjoy life. Do things that make your heart burst with joy as often as possible. Get over your fears. Appreciate the mundane shit. Appreciate the humor in the human condition. Find the good.

We mourn the loss of these men because life is grand and they were a vibrant part of so many lives.

I hope this upcoming season isn't about getting back to "normal" but is about embracing this thing that brings us all together and just flat out getting after it. Play balls out, write balls out, cheer balls out. Why not?


Roscoe Jenkins  September 7, 2011 at 5:14 PM  

Everything that has happened has been hard to fathom. Boogaard's death still makes me cry when I think about it.

I was watching the news and saw video footage of the plane burning. I started crying again. My heart breaks for everyone involved.

It's a lot of feelings to try to convey, but you did great.

artandhockey  September 7, 2011 at 6:14 PM  

And elsewhere people suffer.too.
I just hope I have a big enough heart - seems I keep loosing parts lately.
R.I.P. Salvatore Licitra tenor whose voice was so beautiful.
R.I.P. all hockey players, known or not.
Hockey has given so much joy over times!
And that those evacuated stay safe.
Thank goodness, people are donating as much as they can.
And pets and lifestock are being safe, too. The rescue oif that little kitten shown on news aww.... you can tell like kittens.

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